Womens Week Coaching QMP

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Casual Coaching

International Womens Week is a favourite week of mine! It’s a time to celebrate all the amazing changes in gender equality that have occurred in the last 100 years and to shine a light on what still needs work. Over the past couple of years I have gotten more involved in this week, and especially International Womens Day, because equality is something that really drives my personal, sporting and business life.

Thanks to Motorcycling Queensland and Qld Moto Park, I got the opportunity to coach 14 wonderful ladies and girls in celebration of International Womens Day, and worked with Rhianna Buchannan and Tamara Gray, two women of note in our male dominated arena. It was a morning of coaching, where all the girls improved so much, then a lesson on the best gear in the business from Tamara, and we finished up the day with a trailride to the highest point at Qld Moto Park – a lookout overlooking Wyaralong Dam. It was really pretty!

And… well done ladies!!! It wasn’t a short or easy ride and it was dang hot! And everyones attitudes were so enthusiastic and encouraging of one another, which I love! I took my new te300i out for the day, and what a weapon! I’ve never been a two-stroke rider, but these Husqvarna’s have changed me and I really enjoyed getting to go for a trailride with all the girls.

Thanks again to everyone who put the day together and especially to Rhianna, it was a blast working alongside Wonder Women and I hope everyone enjoyed International Womens Week. Till next time ladies!

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