WA Open Coaching ‘Ladies Only’ 2019

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Open Coaching

WA’s leg of mine and MXstore’s Open Coaching, wasn’t like the other five on the 2019 roster. York, one hour east of Perth, was a ‘ladies only’ weekend. I hadn’t gotten myself to the West yet and I wanted to provide the ladies only experience to our junior and senior westerner females. I had 15 entries, and it was a great surprise to find out that 11 of the ladies already knew each other. I walked into a ready-made community of ladies that already ride and race together.

This has only happened once before, in Cairns last year, at a Fox Womens Offroad Camp Out, and it is a good time. I am on the outside for the first few hours and it is a nice experience getting to know ladies as a group, rather than individually, and slowing being invited in.

The property that we had access to was incredible. Think, the absolute most ultimate sandy loam grass track goodness, right next to a creek that offered dry sand and a muddy crossing, and sheets of rock and boulders as far as the eye can see. The predicted extreme rain and wind even stayed away, and the weather ended up turning it on for us.

So, we’ve started with that fun and friendly group of ladies and the perfect property, and then added a handful of really passionate people that are actively encouraging girls to get involved. We had Lynne (aka Mumma Enduro) and her husband Allan camping with us for the weekend. They helped me get sorted and even picked up, washed and dropped off the Husqvarna fe250 for me. Thanks Husqvarna WA and Grant for the lend. The Jorgen family helped get the property secured, fed me and housed me! And Tracey, our MA Womens Commission leader made the couple drive to pop in and say hi on Sunday. The Enduro community has been welcoming me into homes around the world and lending a hand where ever it can for fifteen years, but it still manages to blow me away how strangers who ride enduro can so quickly become friends.

To wrap it up… York Open Coaching Presented by MXstore, with the help of Husqvarna Australia and some passionate ladies and gents was a giant success, and I cannot wait to get back next year to see the improvements the ladies have made, and to see my new friends again.

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