QLD Moto Park School Holiday Camp

by | Jan 9, 2019 | QMP School Holiday Camps

Every school holidays Qld Moto Park puts on three days of mega coaching, camping and fun with me, Rod Jenner and Barry Surawski and our January Camp was as much fun as usual!!

I spend 95% of the three days working with the littlies – 50cc, 65cc and 85cc kiddos – and let me tell you, it is usually an eventful time. Gaining and retaining the attention of the 10 or so motorcycle gear clad 7-12 year olds takes some practice, but I reckon we also have the most fun.

I do get to work alongside Rod sometimes, who is great at rangling the kids. If you don’t know Rod, you should. He makes the kids feel super comfortable and has a good laugh with them all. He coached me when I was a teenager and he may still be telling the same jokes… My mate Sam Larsen comes and helps too and is a great young fella who can ride (see vid below!).

Getting to know the kids and their parents over the event, all camping together and seeing the improvements and friendships form is second to none. We even have a handful of the kids that come back every holiday and seeing them improve over the years and watching them grow and change is super rewarding.

Shout out to QMP for making this happen every holidays. Get your entries in for the Easter Hols! http://www.qldmotopark.com.au/Holiday-Camps

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