Gum Valley Open Coaching 2019 Presented by MXstore

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Open Coaching

Gum Valley Veterens and Natural Terrain Motorcycle Club is tied for my favourite property in Australia, alongside Connondale’s Green Park, and I was so stoked to get to take a weekend of my Open Coaching Presented by MXstore to such a beautiful place, just south of Mackay. Every Monday after a weekend of coaching I am still riding the high and thanking my lucky stars that I have such an awesome job and am surrounded by so many wonderful people, and Gum Valley was no exception.

Open Coaching events are for everyone – there is no age limit and entries are open to both sexes, but in the past, I have still had heaps of girls at these events. My target audience and customer base has been predominantly ladies and I run a tonne of ladies only events, so branching out into both sexes is a new aspect of my business. I bring this up because the weekend just past saw 20 males and 3 females entered. I am so appreciative to everyone, but an extra little thank you goes out to the ten or so super competent adult men that came along and believed that I had something to teach them.

I find this topic hard to write about because I don’t want to make it a focus; that I’m a girl and it’s motorcycling which is still a predominantly ‘boy’ thing to do. I am such a strong believer that there is no real reason for the male dominance in our sport, other than ‘that’s how it has been in the past’, but it makes me feel very proud that so many great male riders showed up to learn something from me. So… thank you guys!

Another reason Gum Valley was so special was because of how many tremendously cool helpers were there. I didn’t have my trusty co-coach Ellyse O’Connor with me for this one, and I was pretty stressed, but with the assistance of local Coach Luke Wellings and young punk Kadin Ballard and then Mick, other Mick, Macca, Tom and Howard (see what I mean, so many hands on deck) from the club helping out, everything was gosh darn wonderful!

It’s hard to capture such a weekend in words or even pics. Seeing all the the youngsters like Emily and Chad cutting lap after lap and listening and learning, watching Ryan ride the wheels off a 230, helping good riders like Shannon and Peter clean things up a little bit, and getting fast riders such as Macca and Reece over a dang big log nice and smooth are just a few of the highlights from the weekend and a few reasons why I love coaching so much.   

A massive thank you to the Hand Family – owners of Gum Valley. I hadn’t had the pleasure of riding there since the 2011 A4DE and hadn’t got to catch up with any of the fam in what feels like almost that long. Thanks MXstore for helping get me around the country spreading the good times and making riding safer and more accessible for everyone, and thanks of course to all you wonderful guys and girls who entered and helped out. Until next year!!!



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