Fox Womens Offroad Camp Out 9 Presented by MXstore

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Fox Camp Outs

Fox Womens Offroad Camp Outs are like no other event I have run or been a part of. It is about the environment that is created by the ladies that come along. Our first Camp Out of 2019 was the ninth that I have run and each one, a different 25 ladies rock up, with the result of each weekend being a new and always surprising environment. This time around we had ladies from 18-62 years old and they consisted of mums, a helicopter pilot, police officer, undertaker, mine worker, uni students, army recruit, postie, hairdresser and more. We also had what Ellyse and I agreed was the most diverse group of experience and abilities that we have had, some of the ladies had been riding for 2 days, some 6 months and others 20 years!

One of the reasons the vibe is so different (and amazing) is because you can’t bring a helper. The only people that are there are the 25 ladies who are riding, myself, my co-coach Ellyse and our beautiful cook, Izzy. My husband does make an appearance from time to time, and at some events the property owners are around, but predominantly, if you’re not a lady stepping outside your comfort zone, learning heaps and making friends, then you’re not a part of the Camp Outs. Some ladies embrace it, some are super apprehensive, and I am happy to convince them that they will have a brilliant time, and that we will all pitch in and help out if needed. I love seeing all the women helping one another unload and making friends with each other upon arrival.

My husband was floating around on the Sunday at this Camp Out and he said that the coolest thing about the weekend is that when someone pops a mono or gets over a log, he can hear cheers erupt from all the girls, all the way back at camp!! I just love these weekends and put so much effort into making them welcoming and comfortable to EVERYONE. Motorcycling has given me so much and it is really truly wonderful to be able to share it with other women.

Thank you also to Fox and MXstore, and our other event sponsors Barkbusters, Force Accessories, Unifilter, Ballards Offroad and Young Henrys, you guys help make these weekends possible. And thank you ladies! You all make me so happy.

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