Fox Womens Offroad Camp Out 11 Presented by MXstore

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Fox Camp Outs


Our Fox Camp Out 11 was AMAZING. We had a brilliant bunch of ladies (as always), a flipping spectacular property, perfect weather and no-one had to cook (except of course Izzy, our Camp Cook – thanks Iz!).

Some of the weekends highlights were seeing all the ladies improve, the girls riding my te150 and fe350, everyone lending a hand to one another and all the girls making friends, and I get to be a part of all this with my own bunch of gal pals!

Saturday evening also consisted of a Motorex party – who needs tupperware when you can sit around a campfire and learn about and purchase Motorex. 


Thanks ladies, all the amazing companies involved and Chris Simpson who let us ladies take over his beautiful property for the weekend. Now, a picture tells a thousand words so have a scroll below to see the excitiement for yourself. 



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