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Wowsa’s it’s been a while since I wrote a blog about one of my events. But the Fancy Ladies Road Ride is well and truly deserving of a little write up!

My entire goal when it comes to my events is to create a non-intimidating environment for females to realise that bikes are for them and the Fancy Ladies Road Ride is no different, although somewhat more opulent!

We’ll start with a deepdive into that a weekend at the FLRR is all about and finish up with some words from Paddy about her experience as a FLRR attendee.


Friday arvo –

You cruise up the winding driveway into Woody Grove Retreat: a mansion at Mapleton, surrounded by rainforest and bushland overlooking the Sunshine Coast and Mt Coolum.

Myself and the wonderful Izzy great you on arrival and show you to your magnificent room. Once you’ve settled in, you join us at the ‘make you own’ cocktail station and treat yourself to Young Henrys Gin, Cider and/or beer. I whip up some bruschetta, and then later a lasagne and you get to know the other ladies!


Saturday –

You have a leisurely morning with tea, coffee, croissants, cereal, fruit, toast, juice and eggs that are ready when you are. And if you’re up early enough, you get to watch the sunrise over the coast.

You ride out at 9am, with a Kenilworth Donut stop for morning tea at the picturesque Yabba Creek Park. Then a selection of Jemma’s favourite flowing backroads to Boreen Point for a light lunch of sandwiches and fruit. Izzy is out ahead of us all, lining up for the famous donuts and nabbing the good picnic spots.

Then a casual cruise home via more brilliant backroads and the famous Obi Obi Road up to Mapleton, to sit by the pool and then the fit pit which a selection of cheese and dips and Young Henrys. (And maybe a game of Articulate, which is always a funtime!)

Just when you are feeling peckish, our private chef – Michael from Capelli’s – arrives and whips up a feast fit for the Queen that you are. An early night after a cuppa or a later one with more cocktails, you choose, and then off to bed in the quite comfort of Woody Grove.


Sunday –

Another sunrise. Another breaky that you didn’t have to prepare and a slightly earlier start so that there is time for a coffee stop at Gerrard’s Lookout. You ride more superb roads with more splendid views, until we reach our final farewell High Tea destination.  Izzy meets you there with your luggage so that you haven’t had to carry it all morning. You eat dainty sandwiches and cakes and drink tea with your pinky up, then exchange deets with all your new galpals who ride bikes and head home with a beaming smile on your face.


You’ve just had a weekend you’ll never forget. You’ve:

  • gained confidence on the bike
  • gotten more comfortable riding in a group
  • been put first all weekend – no worrying about anyone but you!
  • made new friends
  • eaten so much you don’t need to eat again for a week.

Now, what does Paddy have to say about the weekend. 

Going from being only interested in riding MX to trying a bit of enduro at Jemma’s Husqvarna Womens Trailride to then being persuaded by Jemma herself to come along on her Fancy Ladies Road Ride was a bit daunting at first, mainly because this motocross girl has had very little experience on the road. But none the wiser I trusted Jemma would put on one amazing weekend with no pressure, other then coming along and have a blast, so after a bit of persuasion and pleading I convinced my mate to lend me her road bike (god bless) and signed up for the FLRR!

The day finally arrived to pack and ride to the woody grove retreat accommodation and as I arrived and triple checked I had the right address as I set my sights on the amazing oak doors at the entrance and immediately thought “Fancy!” Parked the bike up, got the tour of the beautiful accommodation, took in the stunning views Woody Grove had to offer and settled in for the night with an amazing feed and started to get to know the ladies I’d be spending my weekend with whilst enjoying all the bevraginos that young Henry’s had to offer.

I woke up the next morning to the most gorgeous sunrise I have ever seen, had some breaky then we got some happy snaps taken before setting off on our adventure for Day 1. We cruised around lead by Jemma, ate some tasty donuts, visited the Obi Obi Lookout where Jemma got creative so we could get a group photo before heading back to our accommodation for the night. 

By the end of the day I became super comfortable on the road bike and had such a fun time learning to ride on the road. Then followed a quick dip in the pool before showering and setting up in our plush robes and slippers in front of the fire with plenty of bevies to chose from while playing board games. Then we were served some delicious food by an amazing chef Jemma organised. With our belly’s full from our hearty feast Day 1 came to an end, what a day it was!

 Following a spectacular Day 1, Day 2 did not disappoint. We enjoyed one last sunrise before setting off on our second day of riding and finishing off the Fancy Ladies Road Ride with a super fancy high tea for lunch.

One of my favourite things about the event was the only decision I had to make was to buy a ticket and which of the many flavoured donuts do I try first!  Jemma had everything covered, planned out and organised which made for a relaxing, hassle free and chilled vibe where all I had to do was show up! Not to mention getting to meet some pretty cool ladies and spending the weekend venturing as well as kicking back.

Going into the FLRR I had no idea what to expect. Riding away from the weekend I came to the conclusion that Jemma really does know how to run an event that is enjoyable, fun, a safe space and best of all, an experience like no other. Money well spent on what was one of the best weekend’s of my life, highly recommend getting along to a Jemma Wilson event because they are fricken cool!

 Thank you Jemma for doing what you do best!

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