Corny Title Alert – Friends Forever

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Jemma Chats

With all the new people we come into contact with every day – all those potential new friends – my friends chose me.

Some of you have been lucky enough to have that one friend your whole lives. Right from primary school, where you learned the ropes together, then onto high school, where you likely got into some trouble together. And then finally into the real world, where again you had to learn the ropes of adulthood, and again… together.

I am not one of those people. I had friends in primary school who, looking back, caused not much more than misery (but resilience as well I’m sure). I found that special someone in high school but life got in the way and our friendship fell through leaving me completely heartbroken (the closest thing to a break-up I’ve ever had). And then I kind of just went without for the next decade.

I have some good news though. Dirt biking, the thing that prevented me from making close female friends in my younger days, is the thing that has brought me together with a handful of women who I proudly call my friends.

These are women who enjoy riding bikes on their weekends. They, like me, love the feeling of achievement when you’ve nailed a corner, when you’ve got a faster lap time then before, got over that obstacle that you didn’t think you could or just had a fun day getting your heart rate up in the sunshine and dirt. That is what brought us together but now it’s the mutual respect and admiration (well I hope they feel that towards me) that has made us true friends.

I admire these women for everything that they do and for everything that they are, and I am so grateful that bikes brought us together and am so thankful to those ladies for choosing me as their friend.

It is this sentiment that is the half the driving force behind my Events (the other half is that bikes have given me so much and I want all people to have the option to experience this with no barriers). I’ve truly set out to create ‘a womens dirtbiking community’.




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