Jemma is a Motorcycling Queensland Accredited Coach and has been working alongside some of Australia’s most renowned coaches for three years. She has coached at local trail rides, assisted Motorcycling QLD’s Elite under 21’s camp for over 5 years, plus held her own one-on-one and small group coaching, and is now ready to put these experiences to good use at her own courses.

Jemma is also the facilitator of Fox Womens Offroad Camp Outs kicking off this year and growing across Australia!!

“I am really excited to kick off this part of my career! ¬†Coaching is something that I personally enjoy doing; seeing the improvements made by someone after just one day of coaching in unbelievable”.

What is covered in a typical One Day Course:
Standing Position
Flat Corners
Corner Entry
Line Selection
Intro into hillclimbs

Jemma has a range of courses popping up all the time – juniors, seniors and some ‘Ladies Only’ weekends as well. ¬†Keep an eye out here and on social media for dates, and of course, email Jemma if you have an questions or would like a one on one.

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