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Jemma is a Level Two Coach, the highest level that can be obtained in Australia. Pop Up Coaching are one day events that happen mainly in the Gympie Area but can ‘Pop Up’ anywhere.

“Coaching is something that I personally enjoy doing; seeing the improvements made by someone after just one day of coaching in unbelievable”.

What is covered in a typical One Day Course:

  • Standing Position
  • Braking
  • Flat Corners
  • Berms
  • Corner Entry
  • Line Selection
  • Logs
  • Intro into hillclimbs

Jemma has a range of courses popping up all the time – juniors, seniors and some ‘Ladies Only’ weekends as well. ┬áKeep an eye out here and on social media for dates, and of course, email Jemma if you have any questions, have a family or friend group organised or would like a one-on-one.

Expression of interest in other dates or one-on-one coaching.

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