Our Fox Womens Offroad Camp Outs are the perfect girls offroad moto weekend away.
Ages 18-100 of all riding abilities welcome.
We have three planned during 2017 on Australia’s East Coast in beautiful locations.

You will enjoy two nights camping with all the ladies and two days learning from some of Australia’s leading riders and coaches.
We will cover everything from basic riding techniques (braking and cornering), offroad obstacles (logs and hills), the best
ways to load and unload your bike and some maintenance tips.

We want to provide women with the confidence and ability to load up and go riding with no blokes and no stress.

We will provide your brekkies, lunches and dinners, the campfire and the company, and there are heaps of giveaways
from our wonderful sponsors up for grabs throughout the weekend too.

The cost you ask?  $275.
+ $30 for a one event licence if you don’t have an MA Race or Rec. Licence.

Enter below to get involved in a Fox Womens Offroad Camp Out near you and become a part of Foxhead Australia’s Lady Dirtbikers Community.

Jess Stirling Photo Gallery
Proof of the best weekend ever!!!

1-2 JULY 2017

2-3 DECEMBER 2017