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by | Feb 17, 2019 | Open Coaching

Parkes was the first of six Open Coaching weekends that MXstore and I have scheduled for 2019, and it exceeded any expectation I had! Open Coaching is for everyone, so we had 11 girls, 11 boys and 3 Dads, with ages ranging from 9 – 46. The property was a private watered MX track in the middle of what felt like a desert. I’d seen in the news that NSW is dry but seeing is truly believing.

Ellyse (my co-coach and right-hand lady) and I had some help from local enduro Guru, Foodge Burrell, and enjoyed the demo skills of current AORC competitor Nick Tomlinson. Getting help from local coaches and riders is something that I will be doing at all the Open Coaching events in 2019. We covered the usual braking, cornering, jumping, logs etc. but also did some enduro race prep. with timed sprint laps and had some fun with slow races in the afternoon (vid below). We couldn’t run these kids out of energy!

Ellyse and I talked a lot on our 12 hour drive home, and agreed that the best part of the weekend was meeting all the youngsters and seeing the talent that is coming through, these kids were hitting up the whoops like nobody’s business. But also, seeing the kids working together and stopping to help if their mate crashed or couldn’t start their bike was really wonderful. We had little miss Shaniqua in tears on Saturday morning and the older kids were helping her through the muddy track, and then in the arvo we spotted her stopping to help other kids.

Thank you so much to the MacDonald Family, not only did we use their property, they hosted a Pool Party with amazing food for everyone on Saturday Night! And thanks all the wonderful Parkes families! We already can’t wait for 2020.



“As a dad with a daughter wanting to get into motorbikes, I wasn’t sure where to start. I spoke to a friend in QLD and he mentioned he had been to 3 coaching weekends with Jemma with his 2 sons and his wife. He said her approach and her training was excellent. That was enough for me, I booked the weekend and headed out for the 5 hour journey to Parkes.
I found the weekend to be really well structured with just the right amount of theory and practice. Jemma had a really good connection with all the riders and I was impressed with her ability to remember everyone’s name. She explained the riding concepts in an easy to understand way. She gave everyone equal attention all the way from the most to the least experienced riders. She was very humble and I felt that she probably was downplaying just how talented she is. A good trait in my opinion as it meant the students didn’t feel intimidated regardless of their experience level.”
David Watkins

“I really enjoyed my weekend training with you guys! You girls make things easy to understand and are very helpful with any questions. Will be definitely back next year!”
Brittany Manwaring


“Had a awesome weekend in Parkes with Jemma and Ellyse, running a great coaching clinic. highly recommend the girls and the way that they teach MX and offroad riding skills. The message gets through to the kids and they break it down and give everyone plenty of individual time. Good to see coaches being positive and happy the whole time. Great Work.”
Jeff Dray

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