FOX Womens Ride Day
Qld Moto Park, QLD
17-18 November 2018

MQ Awards Night
Brisbane, QLD
7 December 2018

QMP Holiday Camp
Qld Moto Park, QLD
8-10 January 2019

Jemma Wilson is an ex-professional enduro racer who competed both nationally and internationally at the highest level for over fifteen years. After recently retiring from competitive racing, Jemma has now turned her attention to the next stage of her life, and her career. Her passion for working with the youth and women in the sport now comes to the forefront of her priorities, and as a qualified and professional Level 2 riding coach, she hopes to continue to make a meaningful impact in the sport she loves so much.

Jemma has not only achieved her dreams in the world of Offroad Motorcycling; she’s also succeeded academically. Jemma completed a Bachelor of Laws at Queensland University of Technology in 2011, and has undertaken a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning at Central Queensland University. She is also a High School Teacher, something that Jemma holds in extremely high regard on her list of accomplishments.

Racing enduro at the highest level has given Jemma a wealth of experience that is almost unrivalled. While she has a successful history studded with all kinds of accomplishments and trophies, Jemma has always felt strongly that the best part of the journey has been helping to carve out a spot for all the ladies out there, in a sport that is so often stereotyped as a male dominated sport.

Now that her racing career is behind her, Jemma has turned her attention to some even tougher tasks, as she looks to undertake some of the biggest challenges so far. Playing a key role as an ambassador for women in dirt bike riding everywhere, Jemma thrives on the obstacles she faces in encouraging the female motorcycling community to step out of the shadows and follow their passion in the sport we all know and love.

Whether young or old, male or female, dirt bike riding is an unmatched passion for countless people out there in the world. For some women, it may seem a daunting task to try and take on that passion all on their own. For Jemma, it’s those kinds of fears that she works so hard to try and conquer, working constantly with ladies all over the country, proving to all the chicks out there that this truly is a sport for everyone.

For several years now, Jemma has been running an extremely successful and exciting niche event – The Fox Womens Offroad Camp Outs. With help from the likes of Fox Australia and MXstore, Jemma designed and implemented these events to try and create a real difference in the industry that she loves.

“The Camp Outs are a weekend away from your responsibilities as a mother, a wife or partner, a business owner… whatever it may be, getting confident and having fun on a dirt bike with other like-minded ladies. I absolutely love putting these weekends on. Not only do I get to facilitate the creation of a ladies dirt biking community, I get to be a part of it myself!” – Jemma.

With plans to expand the Offroad Campouts into Trail Rides and a whole lot more in the coming years, Jemma has certainly got a lot on her plate, but it’s not a challenge she is shying away from. In fact, she’s ramping up her program with support from some of the key players in the industry, working alongside the likes of Yamaha, Fox, MXstore, and more, to turn her dreams into a reality.

“We’re extremely proud to have worked alongside Jemma with her Campouts in the past, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of her vision moving forward,” says Geoff Munro, MXstore’s Business Development Manager. “She’s been doing incredible things for not only women in dirt bikes but for the industry as a whole for a long time now, and we’re definitely looking forward to supporting her however we can moving into the future.”

Jemma advocates that coaching is for everyone. Whether you’re new to the sport or you’ve been around for a long time, learning the correct techniques is essential when it comes to jumping on a dirt bike. From the basics like cornering and braking, right up to learning how to tackle big logs, loose rocks, and hills and gullies, getting the small things right will not only make riding safer, but far more enjoyable.

Confidence is key to riding dirt bikes, and a day spent coaching is worth a week’s trail riding for building both confidence and rider skill. Jemma is proud to hold junior events (16 and under), ladies only and mixed days, as well as one-on-one and family groups, ensuring her wealth of knowledge and experience can be spread as far and wide as possible.

“Coaching is a lot of fun. Seeing how much people improve in only one day, along with the fun that they have riding at the awesome properties that I use, is really cool. Being able to combine what I have learned throughout the teaching degree and in the classroom, with my racing and coaching experience, and apply it to the enduro track is so great!” – Jemma.

With so much on the horizon for Jemma in the near future, there’s certainly going to be a lot going on around her. Keep up to date with Jemma on Instagram @jemyw and Facebook @Jemma Wilson for all news and events, and as always guys and girls, go for it!